Benefits of Being a MAIOP Member

Be part of a more intimate IO Psychology network than SIOP, created just for Michigan based Practitioners and Learners. As a MAIOP Member you’ll be able to connect, engage, and make a difference in the mitten with other like-minded individuals.

What Your Membership Gets You

  • Highly discounted rates to MAIOP hosted-events throughout the year

    • 4 Virtual Panels/Workshops

    • Quarterly Virtual Business Meetings

    • Annual Summer Event/Fundraiser

  • Quarterly In-Person Networking Events across Michigan, and a FREE gift at each one

  • Access to Exclusive Resources such as past event recordings, scholarly articles shared by other members, and other resources to be launched

  • MAIOP Certificate and Swag

What else do your membership dues pay for?

Your annual membership due allows MAIOP to grow and evolve so we can continue offering impactful events and resources. Here are some administrative costs we have, in addition to our many free-of-cost efforts:

  • Annual Michigan Non-Profit corporation filing fee

  • MAIOP website & domain name

  • Content Creation Subscriptions

  • In-Person event costs (venue, food, supplies and/or equipment)

  • Other ad hoc administrative fees and tools

Please note: The MAIOP Board is a fully volunteer-based non-profit organization and has completed a detailed analysis of our budget to minimize costs. We have added PayPal and Venmo to serve as our preferred payment methods; consolidated resources to free or lower cost platforms for member benefits and engagement; removed all physical mail communications and transitioned to fully digital; leveraged free social media platforms for marketing and advertisement; and all speakers/panelists are pro bono. It is our mission as a Board to make our membership and events as accessible as possible.

Practitioners Annual Membership


Student Annual Membership Dues


Don’t want to commit to a full membership just yet? You are still welcome to any MAIOP-hosted Event!

Non-members will be required to register and pay full price to attend MAIOP-hosted events. Price for each event will be listed in the event details. You can become a MAIOP member at any time during the year.

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