Benefits of Being a MAIOP Member

Where does your membership fee go?

Your annual membership fee allows MAIOP to grow and evolve. Here are some ways your fee gets put to good use:

  • Annual Michigan corporation filing fee

  • MAIOP website & domain name

  • Gifts for panelists and other event speakers

  • Networking event costs

  • Other administrative fees and tools

We have many ideas for future benefits, including:

  • Branded “swag” like t-shirts, water bottles, pens, and more.

  • Educational Workshops

Please note: The Board has done a detailed analysis of its budget and cut all extra spending. Board members are not serving in paid board positions. We’ve consolidated resources for member email distribution and the website. All communication is digital; there is no ‘snail mail’ printed mail communication. We use the free social media platforms for marketing. We ask for pro bono work from speakers before gifting and do not pay our speakers/panelists. We have added PayPal and Venmo to our payment methods for easy and quick digital payment and reimbursement.  

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